This Is How The McCallisters Could Afford A Massive House And A Nine Person Holiday In ‘Home Alone’!

This Is How The McCallisters Could Afford A Massive House And A Nine Person Holiday In ‘Home Alone’!

It’s that time of the year again when the TV channels are flooded with festive films that we watched while growing up for many years. Oh course, the most important film of all is the classic film Home Alone.


There were some things though that we just never gave thought to about the movie but as we grew up some things became a lot more apparent.

How did they do it?

For example, obviously, how did an eight-year-old kid manage to outwit two fully-grown men?

But there’s another question on our minds. How the hell did Peter and Kate McCallister afford A) Such a huge house, B) The electricity bill to run all those massive Christmas lights, and C) To go on a nine-person festive vacation to Paris?

The first thing that springs to mind is that they’re the owners of a McCallister drug empire which will eventually be inherited by Buzz. Kevin being left at home was actually a test to see if he could hack the danger that comes with drug dealing. But that is not the case.

They had a huge house!


home alone 2

There are some theories floating around the internet that suggest Peter was a criminal mastermind.

Remember when Harry first visited their house dressed as a policeman? Peter instantly asks the officer ‘am I in some kind of trouble officer?’.

Or how about when Kevin tricks the pizza delivery boy with the movie Angels with Filthy Souls and then he runs off thinking he is really about to get pumped full of lead?


They had loads of jewelry and cash.

home alone 3

In the novel released in 1990 right alongside the film, Peter is depicted as a “businessman”. But we all know that a businessman can be anything!

Whatever the truth might be we are glad that the directors of Home Alone kept it out of the movie as this was the best movie of my childhood. If you have any ideas on this subject tell us your theory in the comments.