John Lennon Was Warned About His Imminent Death Over A Decade Before His Murder!

John Lennon Was Warned About His Imminent Death Over A Decade Before His Murder!

In 1969, this famous and talented musician received a prophecy about his death from a Greek astrologer that he shared with the world in a long lost silent movie that was recently found. In this prophesy, he was told that he’d be “shot on an island” and just over a decade later, that’s exactly what happened in front of his apartment building on New York’s Manhattan Island by Mark Chapman. Unfortunately, he never considered Manhattan to the be ‘Island’ in the prediction.


While on vacation with Yoko Ono in Greece, a local astrologer gave him the eerie prophesy and 11 years later, in December 1980, he was gunned down.

At the time of the prophesy, the couple canceled their stay in Greece, including their planned yachting trip around the islands with singer Donovan. This grim peek into his death is available in a three-minute silent film of the couple walking the streets of Athens that is up for sale.

Mark Chapman’s mugshot (the man responsible for killing John Lennon).

According to filmmaker Nico Mastorakis who recently found the silent footage and plans to sell it, “John and Yoko assumed the shooting would be on the Greek Island.” Of course, that was merely an assumption that they made at the time.

This warning was interpreted wrong because at the time, they believed that the Greek Islands would be responsible for his death.

Yoko Ono had this to say after John’s death, “I totally believe that some people are psychic and the message comes through some people. In our case, she told us that, but we were not careful in the way we should have been. We were careful, but in the wrong way as we did not go to the Greek Islands.”

However, the shooting took place on a completely different island!