Finally! After 30 Years NES Is Making Left Handed Controllers!

Finally! After 30 Years NES Is Making Left Handed Controllers!

If you’re a lefty, you already know most objects of manipulation are against you because unfortunately, there are WAY more right-handed people in this world. For that reason, it rarely occurs to manufactures to cater to the minority of those who have been lefties their whole lives and yet live in a right-handed world.

The original controllers were first introduced in 1983:

We are used to having the D-Pad on the left and the buttons on the right.

Now that has been flip-flopped to accommodate those who desire to play it in their natural, left handed positions.

The inventor originally created a prototype for himself in order to have more control in the Tetris games and when he decided to post the prototype online he was not expecting such a huge response! Therefore, the production for the left-handed control began!

At the heart of it is a custom circuit board with a classic NES 7-pin connector (this means that you need to use original hardware or a clone-box).

Also, there are extra pads available to those who want to customize them with extra switches or LEDs.

Its name ‘Goofy Foot’ comes from the Tony Hawk Pro Skater and refers to the left-footed stance in most kick-based martial arts and board sports.

To those who are right-handed, this controller may look the same and yet, you automatically feel as if something is WRONG! However, being able to cater to left-handed gamers so that they can perform to their best ability is a huge step in the right direction in order to level the playing field. Unfortunately, it hasn’t happened yet! All of this excitement and still, it is only in the works. However, they are on Kickstarter in order to raise the funds that are needed to make this dream come true for lefties worldwide!