This Fake ‘Happy Hour Playset’ Caused An Unreal Amount Of Social Media Outrage

This Fake ‘Happy Hour Playset’ Caused An Unreal Amount Of Social Media Outrage

Fisher Price is a well-known brand that creates many playsets for children which allow them to act like grown-ups including from kitchen sets to outdoor barbecue sets. However, when this phony Fisher Price Playset box image was created and put onto social media, people went ballistic because it featured children attending a bar at ‘happy hour’.  The creator of this image, Amiri King, made it as a joke when he realized that he was going to be a parent for the first time. Although he was certain that life was going to change for him, one thing that he wanted to keep intact was his sense of humor. That is why he created this image and he didn’t expect to get the responses that it received!

He created this fake Fisher Price ‘Happy Hour Playset’ and posted it on his Facebook page.

These kids seem to be enjoying this adult pastime! Much to the public’s dismay.

This prompted others to share it on Fisher Price’s page.

Some people seem to have gotten the humor.

Unfortunately, many people believed that it was legitimate when they saw it and prompted many negative comments such as this one:

It caused enough commotion to elicit a response from Fisher Price who said that this was not a product that they “offered, endorsed or produced”.

Others tried to convince one woman to lighten up.

Although many people understood that it was nothing more than a joke, it was difficult to convince this negative responder that it was harmless. Instead, she took their attempts to explain the joke as a personal attack on her.

Of course, no one expected this picture to be so controversial. Leave it to new fathers to stir up controversy about kids’ toys online!