17 Reasons Why 80s Kids Should Not Be Alive And Well Today!

17 Reasons Why 80s Kids Should Not Be Alive And Well Today!

Our childhoods were not easy and many will agree that they were a little more dangerous than it is today with all of those safety regulations now in place! However, back then, we had to live and learn and THEN regulate. No one had any idea that these things were bad for us or else, there was nobody saying that it was wrong. Therefore, we basically lived like there was no tomorrow! Take a look at all the reasons we should be dead by now:

1. Dad let us drive!

It was no big deal back then to hop in pop’s lap and crank the wheel.

2. We were not constantly supervised.

How many of us were able to wander off the path a little too often?

3. We spent more time soothing our burns rather than preventing them.

Tan lines and peeling skin was normal during the summer.

4. No helmets.

Did you ever peddle down a dirt hill, full speed without a helmet on until you crashed at the bottom? If you did, you should be dead by now.

5. No Non-Smoking section.

These days, we can at least separate ourselves from smokers in public places.

6. We cooked on our tippy toes.

Many of us could barely reach the stove before we were cooking our meals on it.


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