This ‘He-Man In His Twilight Years Comic’ Is Both Funny And Sort Of Heart-Breaking

This ‘He-Man In His Twilight Years Comic’ Is Both Funny And Sort Of Heart-Breaking

He is our favorite hero who starred in his own cartoon in 80s with plenty of merchandise and adoring fans, even to this day! In fact, not many 80s kids can say that they DON’T know him. However, we never consider the fact that He-Man never ages. That is, until Lee Healey drew this new He-Man cartoon in his twilight years. The result is a burnt out action hero who’s just trying to make some extra cash to keep himself, his armored tiger, Battle Cat and buddy Orko alive. Unfortunately, things don’t seem to be going his way.


Take a look at this sad, but possibly true He-Man turnout:

The artist, Lee Healey is best known for his work on ‘Drunken Bakers in Viz’ and this particular cartoon was written by @PLAC  about whom the artist has this to say, “He told me to take my time. So, I took 3 years.” The result is not what we had hoped for but is not far from the imagination.

The first thing that you’ll notice is the phrase ‘He Had the Power’ because we are all so familiar with He-Man saying his iconic phrase, “I HAVE THE POWER!” Unfortunately, he now appears to have lost some of his power because he didn’t even win the boxing match against an old clown.  Therefore, he did’t win the prize money and when we see him in the third block he is old, bald, fat and has plenty of black and blue marks all over his body to signify his defeat. Still, he seems more concerned about his money situation which looks bleak. He even takes the time to worry about his pet cat, Cringer and how he will be able to care for him. The final block is just too sad to take. . .