This Homemade Trailer Of ‘He-Man and The Masters of the Universe’ Is Amazing!

This Homemade Trailer Of ‘He-Man and The Masters of the Universe’ Is Amazing!

Don’t we love it when someone takes a favorite show from our past and recreates it for us to enjoy? This is the kind of creativity that brings back all of those feeling of nostalgia because we used to try to recreate this when we were kids in our bedrooms and living rooms.  However, no one ever expects to get the opportunity to do this as an adult!  In this case, ‘Homemade Movies’ by ‘Cinefix’ from Youtube tackles He-Man and the Masters of the Universe in this video below! That’s right! They have taken this beloved character, He-Man and have completely recreated the trailer for it better than we would’ve ever imagined possible as a child. In the past, these Youtubers have also recreated trailers for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Deadpool, Suicide Squad and several others. Now, they take a chance on this classic character and it worked brilliantly! Once you realize that they are not only playing the parts of each character but they are even supplying the music by way of ‘beat boxing’ in the background, then you begin to see that they are not kidding whey they say ‘homemade’ and yet, it is as good as gold!


Check out this He-Man and The Masters of the Universe recreated trailer:

I’m genuinely surprised at how accurate they are in doing every part of the trailer. So much so, in fact, that they even provide us with a ‘side by side’ comparison to the original trailer! So, if the first video is not enough to convince you of their dedication to make this ‘homemade movie’ as accurate as the original trailer, then you MUST watch this video so that you can see this ‘side by side’ comparison for yourself. They were correct in every detail! Check it out: