If You Can Solve This Math Problem – You Are A Genius!

If You Can Solve This Math Problem – You Are A Genius!

For some of us, math is not a fun subject but if you have ever been caught up in the realization that math is the universal language, helping us with our understanding of the universe, then you are probably the kind of person who is capable of solving this equation below. In it, you will be confronted with a problem that must be solved and that is the real passion behind math really is and why it intrigues those of us with a problem solving mind.

So, here’s the problem:

If you have the answers in under 10 seconds, you are a genius!

If you are still clueless, that is part of the problem!

You must understand what the question is asking. For example, you assume that it is asking you to solve 8+2 (which does NOT equal 16106).

A good math problem challenge us to think outside of the box.

Each number ought to be given attention, including the several smaller number within the big number.

We realize that in the beginning, it is difficult to determine what answer the question is seeking.

Keep trying! Begin by taking a closer look at the answer:

Try to look for a pattern within the numbers. For example, do any of the number add up?

The fact is, you are not looking for one answer but instead, for 3 answers!

Of course, if you truly cannot figure out what the heck is going on with this equation, we have provided the answers for you below. Also, don’t be worried if you didn’t get this right this time.

Perhaps next time you will be better prepared to solve a problem like this by thinking outside of the box for every, possible answer.

Here is the full answer: You are supposed to multiply the two number, not add them. (8×2=16). Then add that together (8+2=10). Then subtract them (8-2=6). Therefore, the answer is 16106!