The Voices Behind ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Singing Be Our Guest Is GOLD!

The Voices Behind ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Singing Be Our Guest Is GOLD!

Who can ever forget this movie? It is a classic tale about discovering what ‘true love’ really means and that it is not all vanity despite what we often see in our everyday world. That’s probably why we love this movie so much because it reminds us to look deeper into a person’s heart and soul before passing judgment on them based on their exterior. This beast was temporarily trapped in his hideous body until ‘true love’ finds him and to set him free. We can all agree that this is a fantastic story line that will never die and Disney has a way of making it their own so that they alone take up real estate in our minds when we think of it and this video is a good example of why!
It was released by Disney Movies Anywhere and it will remind you of a time that may have passed but is not soon forgotten.  It is full of clips from this Disney movie along with a behind-the-scenes look at the audio recordings of the voices who played each character. That way, you get to put a face to each one because normally, we are completely convinced these voices actually belong to our favorite, animated characters! However, when you get to peek behind the audio and see it in the making, it does put a unique spin on how you interpret this movie. A lot of work goes into bringing life to these characters and the voice is certainly a big part of it.


Besides, hearing this song just makes you feel good again exactly like you did back when you first heard it and that is what Nostalgia is all about! It’s reminding you of a feeling that you once had and evoking it again because it just feels good!

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