18 Child Stars Who Grew Up Looking Totally Different Than What We Remember!

It’s true. We all grow up. Some of us awkwardly and some of us cute and some kids ended up being child stars when we were growing up. Unfortunately, nothing lasts for long and as they aged, they did change. However, that’s not always a bad thing. Nobody wants to be trapped in a childhood image forever! Needless to say, some of these former child stars might look so different from what you remember that you may not even recognize them at all! Take a look:

1. Bruce from ‘Matilda’ – Then:

Well, in this case, let’s hope that he does look different now.


Yay! In this case, age is a good thing.

2. Beans from ‘Even Stevens’ – Then:

I thought he was sooo funny!

Image Source

Image Source


3. The boy from ‘iCarly  – Then:



Muscular and excited about that!


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