11 Shows From The 80s & 90s That Should Be A Movie

11 Shows From The 80s & 90s That Should Be A Movie

A lot of these shows in the 90s had a plot that was interesting enough to elaborate on. For that reason, we believe that these shows from the 90s would make great movies! We all know that this has been done in the past but what is wrong with bringing some good stuff to the big screen? Here are the ones that the movie making world should start with:


1. The Wonder Years.

Everyone loves a good story about looking back on our childhood. In this case, Kevin Arnold grew up in the 60s and 70s which are two decades that plenty of people love and would appreciate seeing again on the big screen.

2. That 70s Show.


Here’s another show set in a decade that we can all appreciate. Besides, these characters were hilarious! We would love to see it all play out again, this time, in a movie.


3. Party of Five.

We were addicted to their sad story. Their parents died and they were left on their own to grow up under the supervision of their oldest brother who wasn’t quite prepared for the responsibility!

4. The Nanny.

Every loves a good story about a rich, widower who needs help with his home and his children. This would be a great, modern film as well.

5. ER.

The drama of the ER is always intense and therefore, would make a great movie because so many aspects could be explored.

6. Dawson’s Creek.

This show was full of complicated friendships and first love. It is for those who enjoy a good romance with a small town feel.

7. Unsolved Mysteries.

We can never get enough of this show and audiences will always want the opportunity to help solve a mystery. This movie would be full of suspense too!

8. Twin Peaks.

This show was extremely popular and still has a big cult following. Therefore, there’s no reason a successful movie could not take place.

9. Walker, Texas Ranger.

The modern day cowboy who fights for what he believes in always makes for a good movie!

10. Blossom.

It would be nice to see a quirky girl who is full of life on the big screen again. This generation is in need of someone ‘real’ to look up to.


11. Designing Women.

A group of female companions who can also work successfully together will always make for a good movie!