BHS is coming back – a month after it closed ‘for good’. Here Is How…

BHS is coming back – a month after it closed ‘for good’. Here Is How…

Good news has just come in! BHS is coming back!

Even thought they just closed their last shop on High Street but don’t worry because they are set to relaunch again, online.


As of now will be selling lighting and home furnishing when it launches on Thursday.

Next month we expect to see more categories become available.

David Anderson of BHS International said:

‘We are thrilled to be relaunching this iconic brand back into the UK.

‘It had a loyal customer base with around 1.2 million British shoppers who bought from us online, and for our relaunch we have managed to secure many of the products they liked the most.

‘In addition to this, we have developed a new specially designed online platform for our UK business so we are not inheriting any legacy systems.

‘And we were able to recruit the majority of people who worked on the profitable online and international operations of BHS before it went into administration.

‘So although we are starting again in the UK, we have a number of advantages over a typical start-up. We are nimble and efficient, but with a great brand, strong customer base and a proven and dedicated team.’