11 80s Movies That Didn’t Stand The Test Of Time

11 80s Movies That Didn’t Stand The Test Of Time

If you grew up in the 80s then you probably like to reminisce about how awesome it was back then but when you really think about it, was it really? I mean, everything about the 80s, from big hair, brightly colored clothing and even the movies seems to be a bit cheesy now that we take a look back. Admit it, you loved these movies when they first came out because, what choice did you have? However, when you see them now, you are seeing them in a whole new light that might not be as favorable as it once was. Take a look:

1. Say Anything.

This movie was iconic because he finally gets the girl. And, we just can’t seem to figure out why the two of them struggled so hard to come to this conclusion. The only scene that keeps us going is when he holds up the radio for her.

2. Footloose.

The whole concept of a town that was not allowed to dance and this guy, Ren, who decides to make it his mission to put on a dance. It never ceases to amaze us why this was a compelling plot.

3. Legend.

Tom Cruise was battling the Lord of Darkness while trying to save the woman he loves. Sounds like every other movie, right? However, watching it now shows the lack of visual stimulus that we are so used to today.

4. Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo

We all remember the dancing in these films because we all tried to do this new, break dance! However, these movies had very weak plots. By the time the second one came around, they were dancing to save the community center.


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