10 Stars That All Girls Crushed On In The 90s – See What They Look Like Now!

These were the boys that all the girls had crushes on because they were either on our favorite TV programs, in a teen movie or else they sang a great song that melted our hearts! Not only that but they were extremely cute and so it was easy to wonder what it would be like to grow up and date one of them. It’s no surprise that the cutest ones also happen to be the most handsome ones today! See for yourself:

1. Joey Lawrence

He has been on different TV shows since he was a small kid. However, he grew up nicely and is still nice to look at:

2. Justin Timberlake.

He started off as a member of a boy band and then ended up being a mega start all on his own.

3. Johnathan Taylor Thomas.

He was on the TV show ‘Home Improvement’ and he was adorable. He still is!

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