Remember The Grady Girls From ‘The Shinning’? Here They Are Now!

Remember The Grady Girls From ‘The Shinning’? Here They Are Now!

This was based on the book by Stephen King and the lead actor was Jack Nicholson who played a writer that turned crazy while staying in a closed hotel with his family for the winter. This ended up being the most talked about film over the years because of the director’s deviation from the original plot against Stephen King’s wishes. However, it was a terrifying progression that the main character made as he went from being a quiet writer to a murderous crazy person. It was released in 1980 and so let’s see what the actors have been up to since:

1. Jack Torrance – Jack Nicholson.

He was the author who took the opportunity to finish his novel in an isolated hotel that was closed for the winter.  He later discovered that he had psychic powers and eventually went mad. We was well known for his role in ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and went on to play in films such as ‘As Good as It Gets’ ‘The Departed’ ‘The Bucket List’  and ‘How Do you Know’.

2. Wendy Torrance – Shelly Duvall.

She was the soft spoken wife who agreed to come to the hotel for the winter so that her husband could finish his novel. She went on to play roles in films like ‘Time Bandits’ and also hosted a Showtime series ‘Faerie Tale Theatre’.

3. Danny Torrance – Danny Lloyd.

He was the only child who learned to be on his own in this giant hotel.  He then started to see evil and creepy things as the plot develops.  He went on to appear in a TV movie called ‘Will: The Autobiography of G. Gordon Liddy’. He’s currently a biology teacher at a college.


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