Remember Poncho From ‘Predator’? Here He Is Now!

Remember Poncho From ‘Predator’? Here He Is Now!

This group of elite special forces go on a mission through the jungle to rescue hostages from guerrilla territory and find themselves being hunted by a seemingly invisible creature!  Each character in this movie was well explored and fondly remembered as they made their way through jungle, trying to keep alive and away from The Predator.  Let’s take a look now at the cast from this movie and see what they have been up to since then:

1. Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer – Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Well, any movie from the 80s with this guy in it was worth a watch! Since then he went on to become the governor of California and the hit the movie scene again in, ‘Expendables’.

2. George Dillon – Carl Weathers.

He also starred in the ‘Rocky’ films and his character in this film was an old partner of Dutch’s who came to help him complete this mission. He’s also been in, ‘Happy Gilmore’, ‘Litte Nicky’ and ‘Eight Crazy Nights’.

3. Anna – Elpidia Carrillo.

She was captured by Dutch’s team and hauled through the jungle with them. Her other roles include, ‘Kingpin’ and ‘Seven Pounds’.


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