Top 10 Most Ridiculous Music Videos From The 80s

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Music Videos From The 80s

Music videos were the new frontier of music back in the 80s.  For the first time, the audience was given the pleasure of watching their favorite music on TV and things would never be the same again. Therefore, these videos took great liberties because it was all so new and each video wanted to outdo the next. So now, we get to look back at laugh about how ridiculous these videos really were.  Take a look at the top 10 most ridiculous music videos made during that decade:

1. ‘We Built This City’ – Starship.

This video will take you back if the song doesn’t!  Everything about it is cheesy and straight from the 80s:

2. ‘Eye of the Tiger’ – Survivor.

This song was a major hit and yet the video lacked some of the greatness that this song deserves.

3. ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ – Bonnie Tyler.

This gothic themed video had a lot of flowing drapes, dark hallways and a choir with glowing eyes!


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