11 Retro Candy And Gum That We Miss

11 Retro Candy And Gum That We Miss

Growing up, these candies and gums were the ones we were hoping to get whenever our parents took us to the store.  We would often beg mercilessly until we got it too.  Now, we get to look back on it all and be thankful that we had such a great childhood with plenty of candy and gum to spare!  Take a look and see if you can remember these all time favorites:

1. Forever Yours Bar.

This had a dark chocolate coating and nougat center lined with caramel.

2. Nestle’s Triple Decker Bar.

This one had three layers of chocolate: milk, white and semisweet and together it was delicious!

3. Marathon Bar.

This had chocolate and caramel that “lasts a good long time”. The package was also a ruler to measure its super-sized 8 inch length.


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