Remember Elliot From E.T.? See How He Looks Now!

Remember Elliot From E.T.? See How He Looks Now!

If you grew up anywhere close to the 80s you definitely watched E.T. probably more than once. This move was really a phenomenon to many with the thought of an alien coming to Earth and not bringing destruction. In fact, it made friends with the well-known character, Elliot. This is an all time favourite for all of us here and wanted to share with you what the characters from E.T. look like now.

Henry Thomas, Elliott

Well, he sure grew up! Since the movie he has been in many different movies like  ‘Cloak and Dagger’ and ‘Valmont.’ As well as ‘Legends of the Fall,’  ‘Suicide Kings,’ ‘All the Pretty Horses,’ ‘Gangs of New York,’ and ‘Dear John.’

Robert MacNaughton, Michael

Elliot’s older brother was played by Robert MacNaughton. Since he has been in a few small features but nothing to boast about.

Drew Barrymore, Gertie

Elliot’s little sister was played by Drew Barrymore. We all have grown to love Drew as she has really made a career out of blockbuster films.

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