34 Things That We Did In Primary School Before The Internet Was Around

34 Things That We Did In Primary School Before The Internet Was Around

Things were a bit different back then and one of those things was the inability to get things done through the internet. Nowadays kids have this unlimited access to the internet that we just didn’t have and because of that primary school was a bit different for them than what we experienced. Check out these 34 things that we didn’t in primary school before the internet was available.


1. You would consult your rubber for any important decisions.

Who needs Google when your rubber told you everything you needed?

2. Played the Waterful Ring-Toss even though you knew you would never win.


We knew we wouldn’t win but that didn’t stop us from spending hours playing.


3. We would troll our friends by hugging them and secretly putting this on their back:

4.We played football outside with the fresh air.

This was before Online FFA was available.

5. We got engaged to our crush with these wonderful Haribo gummies.

We didn’t have Facebook engagements back then!

6. We went through all of this just to play Solitaire.

This was after waiting 10 minutes for the computer to start up.

7. We loved watching this little chap make its way down the metal stick.

This was the bird in our life before Twitter.

8. We played kiss chase in the playground.

Unlike Tinder, you weren’t allowed to join if there were already enough many players.


9. We counted down the minutes to when we could go to the World Book Fair at 4:30pm on Friday.