15 Old Soda Brands You Probably Forgot Existed

There were a lot of different sodas in to choose from when we were yonger and some of them stuck around for a lifetime.  However, others were not quite as successful. Here is a list of sodas that you totally forgot about but I’m sure that you did try them at least once in your life.  Take a look:

1. 7-Up Gold.

This was not the clear color that we were used to and it was also spicy flavored.

2. Crystal Pepsi.

Now, just the opposite occurs. We were not used to seeing through our Pepsi bottles.

3. Tab Clear.

Clearly, this was becoming a hot trend that was about to die quickly.

4. Coke Blak.

Coffee flavored coke.  I can’t imagine why it didn’t last.

5. Josta.

This was the first energy drink.  Lots of people online today want to bring it back.

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