11 Summer Time Items That Made The 80s Unforgettable

11 Summer Time Items That Made The 80s Unforgettable

Summertime is the best for many reasons but back then, it felt like all we had was plenty of time to have fun!  We went outdoors, got wet, listened to music and basically enjoyed the fact that we were alive and free to do whatever we wanted.  Also, it was a time to make sure that you had everything you needed to enjoy these few, precious months before you went back to school. With that in mind, how about making this summer count by revisiting some of the things that really made your summer great back then?  So, here’s what you’ll need to create the ultimate 80s summer in order to get in touch with who you once were.

1. Super Soaker.

This was the first time we ever had anything like this!  We were so excited to not have to refill every few minutes.

2. Oakley Sunglasses.

Well, if you’re a product of the 80s then you know that these were the ultimate sunglasses to wear!

3. Vaurnet France.

This T-shirt would’ve let the world know that you were cool and out of school!


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