20 Short Lived Cereals From Our Childhood

20 Short Lived Cereals From Our Childhood

Cereal was practically a staple product in the home and was consumed by us every morning for breakfast.  In fact, we even had cereal for a late night snack as well.  It just felt like you could easily feed yourself without hassling one of your parents to make something for you.  Also, there were plenty of choices and now that we look back, maybe we had too many choices because there were some that just didn’t have a long shelf life.  Here is a list of some that you might remember.

1. Gremlins.

We adored the movie so much that we had to have the cereal too.

2. Batman.

Most successful movies eventually had their own cereal.

3. Barbie.

This toy was popular enough to have its own cereal as well

4. Smurf-Berry Crunch.

This was a great tasting, sugary cereal.

5. E.T.

This was in honor of the alien that we grew to love.


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