9 Urban Legends That Scared The Sh*t Out Of You As A Kid

9 Urban Legends That Scared The Sh*t Out Of You As A Kid

Growing up we always had someone that was trying to scare the daylights out of us with creepy urban legends. Especially when we would go out camping in the woods! Which ones do you remember? Here are 9 creepy urban legends that we all told each other as kids and teens.

1. Clown Statue.

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A teenage girl was babysitting two small children in a large home while the parents went out to celebrate their anniversary.  The parents gave her some ground rules to follow one of which was to not let the children play in the collection room because it had valuable objects in it and they didn’t want anything broken. Then they left her with their cell phone number and went out for the evening.

Everything went fine and the babysitter and the kids had some dinner and watched TV.  Later, she put them both to bed and went back downstairs to watch some more TV. Then she heard a giggle sound coming from down the hall. She got up to see if the kids had gotten out of bed and sure enough, they were playing in the collection room!  When she got inside, she noticed that the entire collection was of clown statues.  It was extremely unnerving.  When she asked the children why they had gotten up they both pointed to a life-sized clown sitting in a chair.

The babysitter took the children back to bed and shut up the collection room.  Afterwards, she decided to call the parents to let them know that the kids were playing in that room just in case something had gotten broken.  When she told the mom why the kids were playing in there the mom was quiet and then she asked, “What life-sized clown?”

The babysitter told her that she saw a life-sized clown sitting in the chair and the mother reiterated, “We don’t have a life-sized clown.” The babysitter went into the room where the clown was seated at looked right at it and she said, “It’s right here, sitting in the chair.” The mother told her to grab the kids and get out immediately!  She said to go to the neighbor’s house while she called the police.  The babysitter ran out of the house with the kids and went to the neighbor’s home as instructed. There, she waited for the parents and police to arrive.  When she looked out the window, she saw a clown in handcuffs being escorted to the police car.

Later, they found out that a crazed prisoner escaped a few days ago and told everyone that he was going on another killing spree.  The authorities found a large knife in his clown costume.


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