15 Actions Figures You Had That Made No Sense!

15 Actions Figures You Had That Made No Sense!

Having a lot of toys as a child was one of the many benefits of growing up.  In fact, you even had some toys that made you wonder why they were even made!  It was as if any reason was a good one to capitalize on anything possible.  Now, you had an entire toy box dedicated to the creation of these toys and so we are taking a look back at them to see if we can decipher their purpose today or just come to the conclusion that it still doesn’t make any sense at all!

1. Sporty Spider-Man.

We were not ready to see spider-man wearing these kinds of outfits.

2. Real American Fridge.

Now this fullback from the Chicago Bears was in the U.S. Army?

3. Medphyll.

He had broccoli for a head.

4. Turtle In A Turtle.

Their home was a giant turtle just like them.

5. Pregnant Midge (Barbie’s Friend).

This was just too much to take!


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