10 Workout Celebrities That We Followed To Fitness!

10 Workout Celebrities That We Followed To Fitness!

Some of these people where actual celebrities that happened to do a workout video and some of these people became celebrities simply because of their workout videos.  Either way, fitness was here to stay and we were seeking their help to give us the guidance that we needed to be our best!  Also, as we take a look back at this list, you’ll notice that we took this stuff pretty serious and dressed accordingly.  I suppose that we can laugh at it now but back then, it happened to be perfect and flattering.  Well, on these people at least!  Take a look:

1. Jane Fonda.

The ultimate workout guru! She still does this today as well as being a famous actress.

2. Richard Simmons.

He was passionate about fixing people’s obesity problems.  He changed lives!

3. Billy Blanks.

Tae Bo. This made you feel like you could defend yourself if you had to.  It was a tough workout.


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