Test Yourself: Which TV Mom Are You?

Test Yourself: Which TV Mom Are You?

These may look like random questions but they are in fact getting to the source of your character to determine what TV mom you most closely represent.  We all grew up idolizing the unique candor of these lovely ladies and we all secretly wished that our owns moms were a little more like them.  As adults, we may even wish to be more like them ourselves for our own children’s sake.


They are kind, responsive and loving women who stole our hearts and even made us laugh! When I took this quiz, it didn’t really surprise me that I was most like Morticia Addams because although she was cooky and spooky, she had a charm and elegance that I really admired.  However, I would’ve been happy with Samantha from Bewitched because of her magical powers.  It just seems like life would be easier with this gift.  Anyway, you’re only a few clicks away to finding out what TV mom you are most like, so, go for it! It’s fun, easy and you’ll be glad you did.

Take the quiz here: