10 Sweets You Had In Your 10p Mix!

10 Sweets You Had In Your 10p Mix!

Although you can still buy a lot of these today but back in the day we could buy a bunch of these for only 10p. Do you remember standing in front of the sweet counter pondering on which ones you want to get? Tell us how many of these sweets you can remember.

1. Golf Balls

You know this rock hard good tasting chewing gum!

sweets 1

2. Jazzies

They were the bitter taste from heaven.

sweets 2

3. Fried Eggs

No they did not taste like fried eggs thank God!

sweets 3

4. Shrimps

We were not really sure about the flavor of these but we sure loved them!

sweets 4

5. False Teeth

These were great!

sweets 5


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