10 Forgotten Actors From The 80s

10 Forgotten Actors From The 80s

There were a lot of great movies  and TV shows in the 80s and many of them had actors that we haven’t seen since.  However, back then, they were a part of our everyday lives and we often wonder what happened to them since.  Here are 10 actors that we tracked down to give you their current status. Check it out:

1. Rick Moranis.

This guy played a series of funny roles including Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, Spaceballs and of course, Ghostbusters. He left behind this career in the early 90s when his wife died of cancer to become a full time father.

2. Alex Winter.

He gave us some good movies like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and The Lost Boys. He has since been behind the camera to direct a lot of movies.

3. Kirk Cameron.

He played on the hit TV series, Growing Pains and has since starred in some smaller movie productions that contain strong, Christian values.

4. Jeremy Miller.

Another co-star from the show, Growing Pains, has since become a business owner in Southern California.

5. Benji Gregory.

He was on the TV show, ALF and since then, he grew up and joined the U.S. Navy and later moved to Arizona with his wife.


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